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General informationWritten on: 26/03/2012


The prefecture of Thesprotia Thesprotia or regional units (by Kallikrates Plan) is one of the 52 prefectures of Greece, northwest of the mainland and more specifically one of the four counties in geographical and administrative region of Epirus. It belongs to the outlying prefectures. Its capital is Igoumenitsa.

Northern borders with Albania, the east with the prefecture of Ioannina, south of the prefecture of Preveza and dytka on the Ionian Sea. Total area of ​​1515 square km.

Overall the county is 70% mountainous, 24.7% semi-mountainous and just plain 5.3.

The coastline of the prefecture of Thesprotia extends from north-northwest (Albanian border), Cape Stylos, for N-AN. Cape Barlaam, continuing in the prefecture of Preveza on the following engulfments - configurations from North to South: Eagle Bay, Port Pagani, Halkias Bay, Cape Strovilia Sagiada Bay, Cape Kalamas and before that the island Xeradi, Marsh Cove, where there are large silting of the mouth of the Kalama River, Cape Vatatsas, compared with islet Prassoudi. Then follows the great bay of Igoumenitsa, in the recess which is large yfalaflaka and the port of Igoumenitsa, precedence is the isle Agionisi. Here's Cove Plataria, compared with islet Cheironisi and the southern islands of Saint Nicholas and Black Mountain, where the southern diekplou the strait of Corfu. Here southern Cape Barlaam, shortly after which continued the coastline of the prefecture of Preveza.

The climate of the county, generally on the coasts is mild, and gradually within continental.


Preveza Prefecture

The prefecture of Preveza is one is one of the 52 prefectures of Greece and more specifically one of the four prefectures of the administrative region of Epirus.

Located on the southwestern edge of the continent. It is bordered to the north with the prefectures of Thesprotia and Ioannina, in the east with the prefecture of Arta and western gulf of Amvrakikos bay and the Ionian Sea.

The population reaches 59,356 inhabitants (census 2001) and its capital Preveza.

Eight municipalities (Preveza Anogia Zaloggo, Thesprotia, leashes, Parga, lanterns and Filippiada) and a community (helmets), compose the administrative county.

The position of the county, the topography and climate were the main benefits brought to the surface and made it a crossroads of cultures. The scattered throughout the county creations of ancient times, now married to give a unique character that combines the historical development of the county today. Main occupations of the inhabitants are agriculture, livestock and fisheries. Early fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits, olive oil, olives and cereals are the main products of the prefecture. By Law 3852/2010 "Kallikrates" the Administrative Division of Greece Prefectures repealed, abolished the Prefectures, and institutionalized the division into regions, for "Epirus Region", 3 municipalities, Preveza (Preveza), Parga (Kanalaki) and Ziros (Filipiada).


Ioannina Prefecture

Ioannina known as Ioannina and Ioannina is the capital and largest city of Ioannina and Epirus with 70,203 inhabitants (2001).

The official name of the Local Municipality of Ioannina and it includes the surrounding villages. The resident called the Knights, Ioannitissa or commonly Gianniotis and Gianniotissa.

Ioannina is located in the northwestern part of the mainland, the center of the homonymous basin. It is one of the largest Greek cities with rich culture and modern development companies.

The opening of the Via Egnatia road linking the west with the northern and eastern Greece.
The city has two hospitals (the general state "Hatzikostas" and the "University District Dourouti).

Located in Ioannina University of Ioannina, with 17 departments and approximately 20,000 students. Also housed in Ioannina and parts of the TEI Epirus, located in Arta. Among the variety of geographical features of the region holds a special place Lake Pamvotis which overrule the city. Worth mentioning is the lake isle (island of Ioannina), in which small towns and several monuments and attractions such as the final resting place of Ali Pasha. There are also six monasteries, the oldest of St. Nicholas (Ntj'ljoy) or Stratigopoulou the 11th century, Saint Nicholas (rare) or Fjlancrwpjnw'n from 1292 AD, St. John the Baptist (1506 AD), the Eleousis (1570 AD), St. Panteleimon (17th century) and the Transfiguration (1851 AD). In the monastery of St. Nicholas (rare) or Fjlancrwpjnw'n taught during the years of the Ottoman scholar Alex Spanos, the monks and Proclus Komninos and brothers Apsaras, Theophanes and Nectarios. Three kilometers from the city of Ioannina is the cave of Perama Ioannina, approximately 830 meters and area of ​​approximately 14400 m . The cave anekalyfthi residents of the city trying to find refuge from the bombing of the Italian aircraft in 1940.


Arta Prefecture

The prefecture of Arta is one is one of the 51 prefectures of Greece and more specifically one of the four prefectures of the administrative region of Epirus.

Its capital is Arta.

Of the agricultural products of the region is well known citrus.

Today Arta is built on the ancient Amvrakia the left bank of the river and climbs Arachthos voreiodytikous amphitheater at the foot of the hill, from ancient times until today called Peranthi.

The city's population is approximately 40,000. It is from Athens 360 km the worlds of Byzantine churches, its castle, its role, notable neoclassical buildings and above all the legendary bridges.

H Arta is the seat of TEI Epirus. By means of passing the national road Antirio - Ioannina can bypass the part of the "Ionian Road" which has been in circulation. Much of downtown is pedestrian. Main attraction is the legendary "Bridge" and the Byzantine church of "Panagia Parigoritisa.

On the banks of the river constructed park with a pond.

Pride of the women's handball team, which holds the National Championship for many years.
There Cultural Associations with rich action and drama activities, sports clubs, Outdoor Theatre at Castle Historical and Folklore Museum, Exhibition Centre.

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